Monday, July 27, 2009


Monday, July 27, 2009
What's the whole idea behind making a video fifty years after you have brought out the album and the shit has been played and over-played out of it?

Yup, Ogbono Feli Feli- the video is out!

9ice went the same route with Gongon aso. According to him releasing the video long after the song ceased to be popular was to prevent pirates from making more money from the song than they would have done.

Of course another reason, if Nigeria were a place where artistes actually depended on the sales of their albums, is to relaunch the album into the popular stream in order to extend its play life. It actually works for very good songs/albums- if. If the video is actually as good as the song.
Lots of fans lashed out against the Gongon aso video. It was like an anti-climax to a long wait. No originality there.

And about the Dbanj video...
It was directed by the dude that did Wande Coal and Mo-Hits Un-Stars' Ten-ten. It wa supposed to have this James Bondy theme. A guy that looks suspiciously like Paul Play (most likely Don Jazzy) was supposed to be playing the role of M or wareva

And then after after all said and done or not done- the car and all what not- it was all just the same.

Same old, same old.
Same old bikini-clad girls- boobs, ass and all (I think one girl from Pere made a reappearance), Same old ''masion'', now turned estate.
Same old gist-D'banj is big, he will rock you and the girls love him.
Pish! (snort)

Who cares!
What a wasted trip abroad!



Lmao...gosh..ure hilarious!!
And u speak nunn but the truth.


thank you, thank you, glad to oblige.


i wish Nigerian musicians would start putn some class in their songs and videos. jeez. its an insult on the listener's senses if they keep churning out same old same old trashy stuff


inasmuch as i love the beat and dance left & right to it, it's still the same hype (chics, money, cars, houses, blings etc).

Dare, MI & Sound Saultan are my kind of people.
but i like dance shaaaaaa o! give me all the Konga dem dem na rock till day break.


hmm dbanj tire me sef


@rayo: I wish the same. I think the hype now is making ready-to-ban videos.
@splash: I love the beat too and I love the dance but it's the lack of original videos that I lament.
@LG: *sigh*

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