Thursday, July 23, 2009

More on La Blondinètte and Décalé Gwada

Thursday, July 23, 2009
the young white hope.

This girl is so good she danced better than those in the original video. She put her own style into it. Obviously, she was taught, still she's good.
On the youtube page where I downloaded this from, someone apparently thought she was such a genius that the person went ahead to thank her and her parents for her dancing skills.

Here's the original video

They could learn something from Elvyna up there. But I just love the song and the routine, the beat just kills me. I tried doing it but my waist just isn't that flexible.
Apparently this song and video is a remix. The original is less hip-hop and was probably done in Congo before the guy moved to France. I love his clothes! Sexy!

Original Décalé Gwada

Here's another white chick killing the moves. As in, meeen!!!
Notice the difference from the remix. This one sounds more like a Kofi Olomide thing.

The artist's name is Jessy Matador. he looked "fresher" in the second video. the good life...

For more on Jessy Matador, including free download, click here

For those of you who like me wanna learn how to décalé, here is a video tutorial.


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