Monday, July 27, 2009

Till death do us together

Monday, July 27, 2009
What is this whole bullshit about assisted suicide?!

(Read at Time online.)

Oyinbo would never cease to amaze me. Always making mountains out of shit-piles!!!

Na wetin. What happened to the good old kill-yasef-in-private? Why all the whole brou-ha-ha about the best way one should commit suicide!
Just buy a very sharp knife or brew a cup of home-made poison. What about all those household chemicals playing around your house with the huge skull and bones on them? Bet they taste like heaven to a man with a death-wish. Or you could stand in front of a car, what the hell! I mean why do you need to pay someone to kill you in an oh-so-public way that brings on an unnecessary debate? I mean a debate that should never have come on in the first place.

If you want to die with your wife, drink poison in your house! Who is going to arrest you for committing suicide? Hopefully u would be dead when the police starts asking questions and the only way they can get you then is by following you to the grave and we all know the route to that place.
Even if you don't die sef. I am yet to hear of someone being arrested and/or convicted for attempted suicide.
If you have give me facts figures, name and place.


I seriously do not understand the whole science behind assisted suicide. Is it even science at all? If you want to die, please kill yourself. And if you don't have the liver to do it yourself then keep your misery to youself.


Who wants to pay me One million pounds to kill him. Of course you have to sign a whole legal binder of documents and then give me the full assurance that when the time comes you would tell God that you specifically asked for it and if worse comes to worse, take my place in hell.


man, I give up.


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