Monday, August 3, 2009

And the walls come down!

Monday, August 3, 2009
From the end (or the beginning depending on your direction) of the Iganmu bridge down to Okoko and probably beyond, the walls are coming DOWN!

And trust Nigerians, these sentimental ___:

"It'd not fair"
"how dem want make these people survive?"
"See market o!"
"See person market!"
"this government is wicked!"

blah blah blah

Of course, there are some amongst us that actually use the brain that we have been blessed with for rational thought.

"They were warned."
"Government has promised to compensate them"
"That is if you have C of O."

And the one that just killed me:

"I swear if to say na me get this building, dat fest time wey dem talk say make dem comot, I fo don sell the building tey tey. By now I go dey enjoy my money while pesin wey I sell am to go dey cry."

Man, I finish for laff. Igbo sense.

"They [the government of Lagos state] want to build a 10 lane road, five on each side, including rails."
"They will build it into Benin."
"Na IMF give dem money"
"Ecowas don dey give dem money tey tey."

I confuse for the money matter area. Who is actually funding the thing?

"See oh, na oyibo dey destroy am. U no say we, our Nigerians no go fit handle tha machine"
"Hey, Volvo don go!"
"See Eleganza o!"

"Dem no touch Signal Barracks."
"E be like say na only Lagos state dey do the ting."
"Which time Nepa go comot?"

"Oceanic bank na him fest comot for Coker."
"Wat about these petrol stations naa?
"Dem dey give dem time. U no say e no easy to remove pipe."
"Where dem wan relocate dose ones go? Petrol station go need to dey for Express. Abi how people go wan take buy fuel?"

Ask me? I mean, I wonder too.

Eh yah.

But it would become a real Express road... we hope.

"Na so dem go start, next thing, dem go leave the road."
"Dem no fit!"
"Dis fashola dey try o!"
"Fashola na wiked man! See as he just dey destroy everything for Lagos dey make people life difficult."
"Him don talk say anybody wey no like am make him come collect 3000 naira use go back to village."
"3000 naira. how 3000 naira wan carry person go village."

Ask ABC and co.

All comments are as heard on the different coaster, danfo and BRT I plied all through last week.

Personally, I think he is doing a good job. And I think what the so-called sentimentalist don't realise is that-
1. Lagos-Badagry Express road, is actually an Express road and making it a real one, would reduce all those incessant hold-ups at Orile, Alaba, Mile 2, Iyanoba, Volks and Okoko.
Meaning say dem wan clear all those winches and wizards (according to MC Obj and him I-traffic reporters for Go-Slow Yarns) wey dey block road for those areas."
Okay, I've got only one point.

But I hope say dem go remember to build pedestrian fly-overs.
No be say Lagosians like to dey use am but me wey love my life I pray dey do especially residential areas like Festac, Amuwo Odofin, Orile, Satellite etc.

And I am also wondering about all the accumulated debris. where would dey all go to? Would dey be put into building the roads? Or what?!!! It won't make sense to have all those stuff lying around.

Sha make dem sha build the road make we see.

I can't wait to enter Train. I fit add am to my list of Public Transport Wey I don Enter for Lagos. As for ferry, e go tey before u catch me inside, life jacket or not. I no fit imagine falling inside all this shit water wey surround the whole Lagos.

Sha later my people.




i'm with you on the ferry thing.
e go tey!

ten lane? nobody go wan try cross that one with leg o!
nice one.



hahahaha...first time here mehn!!! how do you do that? to remind what errone said?

Mehn I like to think that Fashola has a plan...*sigh

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