Thursday, August 27, 2009


Thursday, August 27, 2009
Oh my peeps!Make una no vex for me o for the long absence. It was due to a break in transmission at the inspiration center in my mind.

Well, have I got a good one for y'all. Oyana is about to rant about MTV Base. Yes o! the ground-breaking revolutionary influence on music videos in Africa.

It's the MAMAs. They are here again!

Question: Why is it that if MTV base was created to sell African music to the rest of the world, why is it that most of the songs being played are mostly American?

Question: Why is it that if MTV Base is promoting African music, why is it that our songs are not played on other MTV channels?

Question: Why is it that if MAMAS was introduced to reward African musicians or African songs played on MTV, why is it that American musicians are nominated in the same category as Africans?

Question: Why is it that when Tu-face won at MTV Europe Awards, why is that it was for best African act?

Question: Why is it that if American music is not being overly promoted on MTV Base, why is it that there is not a category for Best American act at the MAMAS or best European act?

Question: Why is it that African musicians who have been carried away by the name MTV are allowing themselves be treated this way?

Question: Why is that 9ice can actually think that his song would be nominated in the Hip-hop category, even though his style sounds more like soul, that he would actually win fairly against... was it the Game now?

Question: Why is it that there are not more categories for indigenous African music at the MAMAs?

Question: Why is it that Africans still choose to do nothing about their inferiority complex?

Question: Why is it that we don't see the presence of MTV Base in Africa especially with their style of programming as a continued dominance and westernization of Africaa and just plain Business?

Question: Why is it that Afirican musicians are stupidly thinking that MTV base is actually helping them when what is happening is that MTV is just a product that is being sold to a very hungry market?

Question: Why is it that stupid channels like SoundCity and Channel O instead of trying to counter this western dominance by playing strictly African music are still helping America to sell their product? Rather buying the American product and promoting the American style?

Question: When are we really truly going to start promoting ourselves?

Don't be stupid! Who said there is no market for African music?

There's always an audience for originality. Maybe not in selfish xenophobic brain-washed America but what about the rest of the world, what about Europe? What about we that appreciate and love you here ( our musicians) why are you undermining our appreciation by continually seeking second-rate status abroad?

Why does Femi keep coming back home?

I warned you, didn't I?



my best was the one about them seeking validation from people abroad. that aint how it should be at all nd it can be so maddening.
btw, wich femi is that? kuti? coz im lost on that question oh


I think Femi Kuti. He's as international as they come? Yet he's not particularly carried away.

And whats with Dbanj lobbing his awards around? Like what the heck?!!!

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