Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nonsense that makes sense.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009
I am so angry right now. I was looking for a video, a correct original one, of Duncan Mighty's Dance For Me to post on the blog but no show. The pile of crap I saw instead was so disappointing, I no fit even fit try to manage am!!!

Yep, like a million years after, I am still feeling Dance For Me.

Nwa mara mma
Were ama meri'iwe, oin
The way u dey whine am make me dey soji
eh your behind
I neva see d kind girl wey fine pass u
Anytime u pass me for road na war....

Ati be be lo jare.

I so love the song and when the radio is yarning dust (dat is when all those OAP are over-talking in their fake accents and the advert don dey over-too much) I switch to it on my phone.

But come o, much as I like the song, e come they bring to mind all these rubbish but catchy phrases wey Nigerian musicians dem dey put for their songs these days. One of the worst culprits na Timaya.

Every song wey him wan sing na Dem Mama. Wetin do dem Mama again?
Just cos you made their mother popular in one song, does not mean you should over bore us with her true story in two other albums and about another bijillion other songs plus including features for other people songs.

The other people wey they piss me off pass na those two rasta, unnecessary sunglasses wearing, bling-bling flashing mouth makers, KCPresh.
Funny enuff, I like that their song, Sokori bobo. Shey I talk say the rubbish words are catchy. Abi na the tune dey dey catchy. As in everytime wey I hear the song, na so I go just bend down dey put my hand, dey comot am from inside my thighs (okay this sounds rawer than it actually looks in real life but you get the picture naa). Sha, na so I go just dey Sokori bobo abi na Sombori bobo.

Wetin be the meaning of sombori sef?! At least if dem want make we dey follow dem dey sing dia rubbish dem suppose dey tell us the meaning in case say we dey use style dey curse ourselves.

And den the faded-hair one, Tony Tetuila. Pleeze, dude, u try too hard. Retire!
Ah mean, Do-re-mi?
What's dat?!!!

Then ones wey I feel kill pass, Artquake. Give up guys, u just didn't make it in music!
Alanta? *Pish!*

But I dey enjoy the songs dem sha. Rubbish or no rubbish. If you see where I dey dance Alanta- dey open all my mouth, dey grab my chest.

But seriously, I wish thy'll make sense and sing songs with real lyrics and not just catchy choruses.
After wey u don sombori abi na sokori finish, wetin come remain for the song?
It's good lyrics that keep u remembering a song for years to come.
Chorus? After today no more. You sing am today den when there is notin of substance following it, u quickly forget it and move on to the next catchy chorus with the banging beat.

Sha, na so we like our Nigerian musicians sha.
After all as D'banj said and proved, u don't really have to make sense to make a hit song.

Someone should therefore advise people like Faze and Nomoreless, all those arty (real?) musicains still trying to make sense but raking no real money. At least Faze bin try wit him Kolomental but, yet still...

Nonsense is the way ma people!
Abi how una check am naa!



it's not easy to be creative o! but lyrical content IS important.

i *TRIED* to listen to J.I. featuring Tuface and i did not understand jack!

but u have to give it up and show love to Dare, MI, BankyW, Sasha, Blaze, Faze (originality) and the rest.


Sorry Splash, but I don't hav eto give it up to Dare and Banky W. The rest am cool with especially M.I.

The problem with Dare is that he tries too hard therefore he ends up sounding like everybody but himself. Just in one album, u hear Dare Luther-Vandross, Dare Pasuma, Dare Cobhams, Dare Gerard Levert, sometimes we almost come tclose to hearing Dare Nat King Cole.

And as Banky, personally I feel he affects too much. He's always trying to prove that he has voice and can sing everybody's else songs better than they can.

Nope, sorry Splash, but no originality in those two. But as potential, they have enuff. I believe they can get there once they find their own voice or music as the case may be.

And for originality, you failed to mention Obiwon.


those shokori boys piss me off 2. lol
its annoyin tho, how ppl lyk faze, soundsultan, nneka, bantu, dont get the acclaim they deserve nd its d yoriyori ones that do. says sumtn abt wat nigns love to hear. mscheeew!


lollll shebi una talk say 'abati no make sense

*oyana how bodi?


waiting 4 an upd8 oh!

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