Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lady Gaga goes GAGA again

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 0
Gaga is determined to fill the shoes of Michael Jackson and Madonna in one quick jump. If those two self-exhibitionists/performance artistes had ever had the chance to have a child or raise one together she would have been called Lady Gaga.

Gaga is a blend of Jackson's love for grandeur (movie-like videos created on expensive sets) and Madonna's tendency to shock her audience.

Thanks to this evolutionary mix, her style though ultra-sensuous never come across as tacky the way some of the Material Girl's style was wont to be. Also, although a total self-exhibition, she had more control (at least for now) on her image than her fore-runners.

I especially love this video for the song Alejandro. The dance routine at the begging is way too killing!!!

I love this video a lot. It reminds me of Madonna's Vogue video - and other Madgy classics!

Thumbs up Mother Monster!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hold Someting!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 0
Don't blame me joo! I am loving Maleke. I mean, check out the video!

That song Miniminiwanawana, even though I don't know jazz about what the dude is saying or means, mehn, the song makes me want to Miniminiwanawana anyway... ha ha ha!!!

Okay, I ain't got much gist today... nope! I actually do!

Went for the carnival yday! I had fun! Got to sit behind MY GUVANO! Yes o! He is my personal governor.

I was just thinking this morning, but really, what does it take to be a good leader? What is so hard in it that many fail at it? What is the price of integrity? Honesty? Self-Sacrifice? If it's so difficult to have and maintain all these, why be a leader at all?

You know something, if you are a good leader, you wouldn't need to pray so much (LIE! actually, you need to pray a lot against all your detractors) for blessings, I mean. You know how many people bless Fashola a day? You know why he keeps prospering and is not shaken? Because people are happy with him and people like me pray for him every day!

I wake up in the morning and I say, "God, please give us a good leader like Fashola. Bless him and protect him."

You should have seen the way he was being hailed yesterday. And this was no sycophant praise. You could see the admiration on people's faces.
Obasanjo too was a good leader ( Seriously! Don't scoff now.) It's just that the man lacked basic skills in diplomacy and tact which Fashola has enough of. That's why one was disliked but grudgingly admired while the other is admired and should I say loved.

When I grow up, I wouldn't want to be like Fashola. Nope, I would want to be myself but I hope I have some measure of his attitude to service.

Have a luvly week. Yep, Oyana is back!

ps: this post may soon have some pics from the carnival. a strong MAY...

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Thursday, April 1, 2010 2
Okay, I swear this time I am not leaving.

I have so much to say that I wonder why I left.

You know what has been bugging me of-late? It's those caps that they wear on their heads just to get on the bus!!!


Who do you think?!!! The police and the army people!
Like how much is a bus fare anyway? If you are in mufti, stay in mufti. Why ruin ur whole dressing with one lousy cap any idiot can get from Yaba market or where ever?!!!

I actually got on a bus one day and this dude wearing fatigues you only see on American movies featuring Desert Storm (Gulf War 1 for those of you that might be lost) was bursting grags for the conductor and to top it off, a real soldier was on the bus too.

Hey, is that not like illegal or sumting- impersonating a soldier or is it a police officer?

Sha, the dude got away from paying N50. FIFTY NAIRA, I ask you!

Who made the silly rule anyway? Are bus drivers n condis not ripped off enough by the boys in green and white? And was that rule not made like in the military era? And are we not like in the "Democratic" era? (I am sorry the last one had to come in quotes.)

*Sigh* This country sef!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 0
So Fela is now on Broadway. Likey WOW!

Check out the website.

And guess what... Jay Z, Will Smith and his wife are the producers.

I thot something sounded familiar in the Roc Boiz soundtrack...

Oh and I am so sorry for being an itinerant blogger ( this is to all my "fans").

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dem say Oyana... Oyoyo

Saturday, January 16, 2010 1
Oyana Talkative is back and I guess I should have never left at all. I am typing this in a cybercafe while Nigeria plays one of their usual heart-attack, high-blood pressure and stroke inducing matches.
Hear the screams of 'yeh' and the inevitable, 'Oh God!'. As usual, everybody is a commentator and everybody is an analyst.

But dat one no be gist, bo. I know dey even watch the yeye match. I am too young to die or commit murder for that matter.

My latest gist.
A friend of mine want to turn musician, seriously. And this person means business. The person's calling was revealed one day as this person sat down watching AIT and the parade of musicians who were coming up with one nonsense-word chorus after another.

Na so this my friend suddenly jump up and started writing music. After all, my friend said, if anybody can make money from just saying 'Polongo' or ' Kokoroko' or Oyoyo' why not that person be me?

Na so my friend turn song-writer.

Before you could say "do re mi fasho lati do", my friend don write seven songs and don begin find producer.

Na there katakata come burst.

The first producer told this my friend to bring twenty thousand naira just to produce demo. The second producer talk 150K just to rent studio.

Na for there my pesin come realize say Pangolo business na expensive business.

You might call it nonsense but people are putting out good dough to get their nonsense heard. We started to map out for this my friend the various stages involved in making "any kine song".
After producer, you go need to sign contract with record company. And for that contract ehn, you go tell record company exec, say he get the right to take all the profit for the music wey u suffer write, not considering all the eardrums wey u burst along the way as u dey pratice for bathroom. Not only say he go take the money he go come put u for one paltry salary. How you think say Kenny and D1 buy twin Hummer while Tuface was still rocking... what now, sef? I forget.
You go bribe radio station to play your music, television to play your video and then you go come beg Alaba boys not to pirate your demo.

You think say na by carrying paper and biro and writing seven songs. You neva even talk of money wey u go use shoot video for Southie or Jamo or SHIccago.

But good news, my friend is not discouraged. In fact, this my desperado wanna-be-famous-by-force no even mind if Kennis Music take all the money pata pata so far as they give am album sing put and organise one, two show for am.

For some, it's all about the fame.

PS: Am gonna be putting up street pix soon.

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